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Eden Creators

Growing communities with fractal consensus games! 🌱


We create games, shows, and tools to help everyone make the best experiences possible. We believe that well-designed social games are the key to leveling up our communities, societies, and civilization. If you’re not yet stoked about consensus games, prepare to be amazed!

Our consensus games empower communities with unprecedented potential for creative collaboration, independence, and mutual benefit. The games are also fantastically fun and provide an excellent way to build meaningful relationships with wonderful people. You can explore our work at and to see how our fractal social games create profound benefits for communities. You can watch awesome shows with new episodes every week on our YouTube channel and read articles about state of the art cooperative innovations in our garden.

Please support our grant to help everyone enjoy the benefits of infinite games and fractal cooperation. All of our shows, articles, and other media is freely available for all at the links above. We also work closely with developers to build open source software for playing consensus games on EOS. We’ve been hard at work refining our games, shows, and tools with world class builders for over two years and now we’re nearly ready to share the wonderful experiences with mainstream audiences. Your support helps us to build a sustainable business and grow our team to create more joy for all.

With your help, we can enable billions of people to enjoy the profound benefits of consensus games and the future of community coordination. Civilization needs better ways to cooperate in order to survive and thrive in the coming years. Your help enables us to create foundational public goods that empower humanity to create exponentially more public goods, overcome all challenges, and make the best experiences possible for all. Thank you for reading and supporting Eden Creators! 🙏🏽

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Humanity needs consensus games a